"The Real Estate Market Is Hot And All Houses
Are Selling Quickly!" ...Hmmm?

The real estate brokerage community is spending thousands of dollars each and every day to create and keep the above myth floating around.

Most agents' "Listing Presentation" (solicitation) includes only the shiny side of their business. They will show you recently sold homes, homes under contract, pending and active listings. Even if they don't say it, such a presentation implies that selling your house will be fast and easy.
How would you feel if an agent showed you all the cancelled listings? Not good.

What if (s)he showed you all the listings that expired without a sale, or were withdrawn after a long while? ... hmm, you may even decide not to list your house...

As you see, presenting the whole picture is the right (and honest) way to go, but certainly not the way an agent would secure more listings.
Below you'll find a few letters from sellers who learned (the hard way) that the above myth is just that, a myth.

Their houses were in perfect condition, they kept making mortgage payments month after month, but still they did not have a single offer...

We Wholeheartedly Recommend Their Services
"We were having a new home built and listed our current home with a realtor...

...Our home had been listed with a realtor for four months. 

We had numerous showings which resulted in a great deal of inconvenience, especially since we were in the middle of packing in anticipation of moving into our new home. We had an open house every other weekend...
...In spite of all this, we still had not received one single offer on our house. Our realtor kept encouraging us to lower our asking price, which we did twice...

...We were at our wits end and had just about lost all hope of being able to have the new house...

...That is when we happened to receive a card in the mail advertising closing within seven days. At first, we were skeptical, but after researching... We were able to close on our new home... It was truly a God send that we received their card when we did... the entire process was also “pain free.” We owe them many, many thanks and wholeheartedly recommend their services."  ~Steve and Paula K.

Sold... All In About Seven Days

"...I listed the house with a highly qualified agent, which resulted in six months of people wandering through our house and no real offers.

...After six months on the market we started looking at billboards for "sell your house fast." We called and scheduled an appointment for him to come and see the house.

...he made an offer and let us pick the date we moved out. All in about seven days."  ~Randy S.
I Would Encourage You To Call
"In June I had a job opportunity that was too good to pass up...

After my home was on the market for three months I received a postcard in the mail claiming that I could sell my home in 7 days. After making both mortgage payments and rent payments for three months I decided I would give it a shot.

I was obviously skeptical because if there is one thing I know, it is that if something sounds too good to me true, it probably is. However, ...I would encourage you to call and ask all the questions you want. You'll get more than you bargained for...  " ~Robert G.


Sell the house through a Real Estate Agent using the 
Traditional Selling Process
Sell the house yourself as a 
"For Sale By Owner"
Sell the house to a professional homebuyer, like our organization


This will depend on your available time frame, condition of your house, amount of equity you have and other personal needs. Let's touch on the above choices...

1. The REAL World of the Traditional Selling Process

The average cost of selling using a Realtor is 10% or sometimes even more. 6% is taken in Real Estate commissions, 2.5-3% in Title Company closing costs; then there is a Home Shield Warranty, and some other miscellaneous fees.

It takes 4 to 6 months on average to sell and close on a house while the seller (YOU) continues to pay the house loan, principal, interest, taxes and insurance. Can you wait that long? Would you prefer not to make those payments?
So, the questions you need to ask yourself are...
  • Do I have at least 10% equity to cover the cost of selling?
  • Do I have at least 6 months to wait for an "acceptable" offer and wait through buyer's qualification?
  • Can I afford to make payments while the house is offered for sale?
If you answered YES to all of the above questions, and your house is in excellent condition, you should consider listing your home with an agent.
(ATTENTION: You owe it to yourself to read this page!)

2. The REAL World of FSBOs ("For Sale By Owner")

Not enough lookers - not enough buyers. The FSBO house has very limited market exposure, since you're limited to a few signs and an ad in the paper. Marketing is a science, it is expensive, and requires "know how".

Most buyers use a "buyer agent" because it's a free service for them (seller-you pay agent's commission), and the buyers don't have to worry about all the liabilities and disclosures involved.

Since a Real Estate transaction is a complicated process, due to lack of seller's experience, most FSBOs end up as listings.

It may take much longer than 6 months to complete the process.

But, if you can handle all the details and solve the typical closing problems, you will save thousands of dollars by not paying Realtor's commission. What you'll have to pay are only the closing costs.

Which way do you turn? To an agent with dozens of other listings to handle? Selling on your own and sweating out financing (and legal) details, lost deals, last minute closing "surprises"? Moving out, making two mortgage payments and hoping you don't get some midnight call with "bad news" about your house...

3. The EASY Solution: Sell to "AAA-American Homebuyers"

WHY List Your House When You Can SELL Your House!

Don't jeopardize your future plans waiting for a long escrow, buyer's qualification, bank approval... and numerous other factors that can break the deal and put you back to where you started - more advertising, more open houses, more lookers, MORE hassles! Can you afford to take that risk?


Get Your House SOLD Without Hiring a Traditional Agent

Hundreds of homeowners every year choose AAA-American-Homebuyers over a traditional slow process of selling their homes with a real estate agent, and waiting for months to find a buyer.

The Easy Way:  AAA American Homebuyers affiliates purchase homes in your county, without the usual hassles of open houses, extended inspections, and long escrows.

AVOID Losing the Sale Due To “Tight” Lending

Statistics show that large number of sales "fall out of escrow" at the last minute due to "pre-approved" buyers not being able to secure the final loan approval. This is very stressful to most homeowners because then they need to start all over again, which means more advertising, more payments and more waiting!

The Smart Way: AAA American Homebuyers affiliates work with private funds (not banks), which entirely avoids the delays and uncertainty of today's lending conditions.

Top-Rated Service & Satisfied Homeowners

Imagine a hassle-free sale on a date of your choice? That's why All American Homebuyers are the growing network of professional buyers in the country, with huge number of satisfied clients. Be one of them!

You can listen to a few customer reviews below...

Can We Really Buy Your House That Quickly and Easily?

Maybe. Maybe not. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, please use Realtors. We are professionals and we do expect to make a profit. But, we are not out to steal your house either. Most of our profit will come from appreciation and from our future buyer. And you will net more out of the sale than you'd net if you listed it with a Realtor.

We're NOT a replacement for a real estate agency listing service for people who're trying to "save a real estate commission". Rather we could be viewed as your "Plan B" - for the time when Realtors failed to deliver the sale, or you're not willing to wait for them to perform.

Does Your Property Meet Our Requirements?

Call us and let's find out. We buy all types of real estate and we'll quickly determine if your house fits our program. A few minutes on the phone with your local affiliate firm will give you the answers you need.

The FASTEST & EASIEST Way To Sell Your Home

Our Services Are Free:

When an AAA American Homebuyers affiliate company buys your home, there are absolutely no charges or commissions involved. They will simply ask you a few questions about the property, evaluate your house, and make you an offer - all with NO OBLIGATION and no pressure.

When an AAA American Homebuyers affiliate company buys your home, there are absolutely no charges or commissions involved. They will simply ask you a few questions about the property, evaluate your house, and make you an offer - all with NO OBLIGATION and no pressure.

When an AAA American Homebuyers affiliate company buys your home, there are absolutely no charges or commissions involved.
Requesting an offer does not constitute a sales contract nor guarantee that your particular house will meet our buying criteria.